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I agree with the father because I believe that, although that way of living may seem beautiful at first, it presents quite a few problems. Firstly, the kids developed no social skills and had some trouble communicating with people from a different society. Secondly, while it is true that the kids were well educated, all of their knowledge came from books and was almost inapplicable. They read a lot about society and had some strong opinions about its problems. But their opinions were merely quotes, and they themselves were isolated from it. Thirdly, even though they renounced the life in an organised society, they still had no return to the city from time to time for resources they couldn’t produce themselves (like gas, medicines, etc.). And lastly, being kept isolated, they were an image of father’s beliefs and his view of the world, almost incapable of forming their own since they had no interaction whatsoever with different kinds of people.

Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it.” – Noam Chomsky

This quote is really simple, yet very important and relevant. People from western countries often think that because they are the most developed technologically and economically, their way of doing things is the only way. The richest countries often take advantage of the others, and are surprised when extremists respond with terrorism. After that they try the old ‘violence to end violence’, while being blind to the things they do, not realising that the two parts are not so different after all.

If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion.” – Noam Chomsky

We often rather choose to believe in a beautiful lie rather than the harsh truth.

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